Fourth Day Giggles on the PlaygroundWe had an amazing first week with the kids.  I really loved getting to know their likes and attitudes, it was so fun!  Today we played some gym games like red light green light, and lightening.  The kids went on a long scavenger hunt around Brooklyn today.  We went to both the legion and Smithfield park, and the post office and the market place collecting clues that all lead us back to the community building for snack.  The kids were great at finding the answers to all of the clues, and having fun at each place we traveled to.  We also played get to know you bingo, where kids found out many things about each other, like who wore glasses who likes the packers, and who had more than three siblings.  We had a blast this week and look forward to next weeks 4th of July fun!  Your kid(s) should have come home with a printed calendar for next week.  If you did not receive one, click here.

Gabby P. | Assistant Coordinator

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