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Fun in the Summer Sun!

The Summer Recreation Program is a 6-week program that runs Monday through Thursday. Children who live in Brooklyn (& Oregon School District*) are welcome to spend time in this program for a safe place to have fun, socialize and learn a little during the summer months. We are looking forward the 2017 session with the terrific kids of Brooklyn. Your children can look forward to a summer of new games and projects that will keep them involved and looking forward to the next day. Our focus has been to offer a quality summer school-age program.  The Recreation Coordinators will prepare a variety of exciting activities that allow your child’s mind and body to stay motivated while meeting friends and having fun! *Children from Oregon are welcome to join us but we do not provide transportation to and from the program (the only transportation we provide is for field trips)

Field Trip Sponsorship

We are seeking sponsors for field trips.  If you or your business is interested please contact us

Summer Youth Recreation meets at the Community Building at 1pm which is located at: 102 N. Rutland Ave,  Brooklyn, WI 53521

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We are excited to announce the return of Summer Youth Recreation.  Starting date is June 26th through August 3rd, Monday though Thursday (1-4pm).  New changes with age group: 5-12.  We encourage that your child has attended kindergarten class, but feel free to contact us with questions about registration. To continue the success of our summer program, we ask each family to pay $30.00 and $10.00 for each additional child.

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Friend? No Problem!

If you have a friend/visitor wanting to join your child they may attend the program for $5.00/day for the 2015 session. Form will be posted when the 2015 session starts
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Program Guidelines

Please check out our guidelines for Parents and Children that attend Summer Youth Recreation Program.  It is very important that they are followed.  Questions?  Please feel free to contact us.
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Meet the Crew & 2017 Summer Adventures

Summer Youth Coordinator

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High School Helper

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Summer Youth Assistant

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The end of the games

It was a fun day, we had a few different events today for our Olympics. Wheel barrow races were first and all of the kids that participated worked their hearts our for the event! Then we had hockey, but not normal hockey. I had them use pool noodles as sticks and a ball as the puck. It was pretty funny to watch them attempt this! Then we had a non-traditional game of “keep the balloon off the floor.” Each team had 2 balloons to keep of the floor, but they had to stay in their designated squares. It was a great competition!   The winning team of the events will be announced today! Don’t forget, we also have our picnic at 5:00 at Smithfield park unless it is too hot outside, then we will have it in the basement of the community building. I will provide the hamburgers and hotdogs, just bring a dish to pass, and your entire family!!...

More Games

Today was soooo hot! We got our picture, I tried to get it done early so we were not all sweaty , but as it would have it, 5 minutes of playing tag in this heat we were all already drenched. Oh well! Worse things could happen.   Today’s events were the discuss throw, the 3 legged race,  and the tug-of-war.  It was such a stiff competition, we even had a few contestants re-do events because it was so even we couldn’t determine a winner! One of our parents were so generous today and brought in root beer floats for snack and the kids were super excited about it!   We will have our picnic on Thursday at starting at 5! Dinner will be served around 5:15. I am providing hamburgers and hot dogs. We will also provide a cheese tray, but we are asking all attending to bring a dish to pass. ALL are welcome 🙂 Bring other children, moms, and dads. We are celebrating a fun summer with all of the kids. There will be a few special things we are handing out to the kids, so we would like as many as possible to attend. Any questions? Just...

Let the Games Begin!

It was the start of our very own Olympic games this week! We have 4 different teams (kids came up with the names), Team Flame, Team Active, Team Rainbow Barf (not sure why), and Team U.S.A. Today we had the 40 yard dash, javelin throw, using a hockey stick, and long jump. Each kid put their best effort forward into their event. Each day, every child will participate in at least one challenge to make it fair. We are also encouraging healthy competition and only positive cheering for their teammates. I cannot wait to see what else the kids are able to do today! A reminder, I told all of the kids to wear their summer rec t-shirts for a group picture today please have them wear it if...

Movie Day

Yesterday because we thought it was going to storm was a movie day! We gave an option on 9 movies that the kids could pick from, and they picked Elf with an overwhelming majority. For snack the kids got popcorn while watching it. After the movie I decided it was much needed to get up and get moving around so we did tag games the rest of the time. Next week is Olympic themed week, it is definitely my second favorite week of camp next to water week. Last year I remember seeing so much healthy competition and I cant wait to see the kids next week displaying the same healthy and fun...

Troll Beach

Yesterday was such a blast. I dont know about the kids, but when I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep! I was EXHAUSTED. I was impressed at how many risk takers there were in the group who had courage to go and attempt to pass the swim test. There were still lots who didnt pass or didnt want to try yet, but I’m sure that wont be our last time there so everyone will pass next time! I think everyone had fun. I loved watching all of the different ages enjoying their time at the beach!   Today because of the rain, we will be having a movie day! I will provide a few blankets, but the kids are more than welcome to bring their own blankets to relax on because the floor is not the most comfortable....


Today was fire station day! I have to say I was SOOOO impressed with how well the kids behaved themselves and were respectful of the volunteers showing us around and answering all of our questions. We got to see lots of things and see how heavy some of the uniform stuff is to wear. There were so many thoughtful and great questions that I heard all of the kids ask, which made me feel like the truly cared and respected what those men and women do. Today we also played a game we havent played all summer, or last summer!! Duck, Duck, Goose!! It was hilarious to see all of the kids playing such an classic game and have so much fun with it. They all were cheering each other on and supporting them so well!   We are all so excited for the field trip to Troll...

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