Weekly Exercise Classes

County Heat® LIVE

Country Heat LIVE is a group fitness class that everyone can fired up about – it’s popular for the same reasons that make line dancing such a crowd pleaser.  It’s social, doesn’t require a partner and it doesn’t depend on any special dance background or ability.  Country music fans flock to the classes, and even those who are unfamiliar with country music can’t help but fall in love with the lighthearted, uplifting feeling.  Each class is accessible to a wide rant of participants, thanks to easy-to-follow choreography, low-impact steps, and moderate steady—state aerobic intensity that can be taken up or down a notch based on each individual’s ability.  It’s the perfect class for those who are unfit or new to exercise, because it doesn’t require intense physical exertion, or advanced levels of strength and endurance.  Yet it’s also ideal for those who work out regularly, as everyone needs one or more days of moderate aerobic activity in their weekly regimens.  In short, Country Heat LIVE classes are high on energy, low on impact, and easy for anyone to follow along.

The Freestyle Karate Collective
The Freestyle Karate Collective is a martial arts club that offers instruction in Freestyle Karate. The purpose of the club is to allow people from all walks of life to practice martial arts at an affordable price, in an inclusive community.

Freestyle Karate
Freestyle Karate is a mix of Traditional Japanese Karate and Western Kickboxing. It is also an amazing workout, and a fun activity that develops self-control, self-confidence and team spirit!

Classes start with a quick warmup and stretching routine, after which students (or “karatekas”) go over basic techniques (or “kihon”). Participants are then split into small groups to work on specific skills and methods: punching, kicking, combos, point-sparring, light-contact sparring, fighting strategy, managing distance… Classes then end with light stretching and a pow-wow, to debrief the session. Occasionally, we will go over traditional karate forms, to experience meditation in motion.

About sparring
At the Freestyle Karate Collective, we practice two types of sparring: point-sparring and light-contact sparring.
Point-sparring is like fencing with your hands and feet, and it involves very light touches. The focus is on precision rather than strength. Every time a fighter is touched, both practitioners stop the fight and “reset” (i.e., they go back to their corners), before resuming the fight.

Light-contact sparring is a continuous fight. The focus is on precision, endurance and fight management/strategy.
Students get to choose if they wish to do one, the other, or both.

About your instructor
Rafael “Raf” Guenoun is a first-degree black belt in Karate, under the Independent Karate Schools of America. He has been practicing martial arts for over 10 years, and he designed the club’s curriculum to be fun, accessible, interactive and inclusive.

Check out our Facebook page for more group information.   https://www.facebook.com/TheFKC/




Do you want to feel good during and after your workout? Join us for Slow Flow Yoga!

Increase flexibility and strength through a 45 minute class.  Focus on your breath and decrease stress.

All Levels Welcome.



WERQ is a wildly addictive, hip hop/pop cardio fitness class! This is an hour long class where you can let loose, express yourself, and do something healthy for your body and mind! No dance experience necessary!




Every Other Sunday (see Get Fit Calendar for dates)

Punchcard Options and Location

10 Punches: $45 (expires in 3mo.)
Unlimited: $35 /per month (12 classes)
6 Punches: $30 (expires in 3mo.)


All of our Get Fit Program’s exercise classes utilize punch-cards.  Above is the amount of punches and they last for 3 months except our Unlimited punch-card is monthly amount but allows you to attend every class.  Click here for the registration form


Our Get Fit Program‘s classes are all held at Brooklyn Community Building which is located at 102 N. Rutland Road, Brooklyn, WI (Next to our Methodist church.  At times we may move the classes over to Brooklyn Elementry School-  We give a heads up if that will happen.

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