This week has been a great and creative one!  The kids have enjoyed playing all sorts of theater games and participating in our mini game shows.  Today the kids used their art skills to make a summer themed mural.  The kids all worked together and created a beautiful mural with flip flops, ice cream, and swimming pools.  The kids also had some free time to create their own game.  They sure did get creative!  We ended up with a game called kick the ball.  The kids stand all around the gym and kick kick balls back and forth.  They never found an end to the game, but they had fun playing!

We also made a mad-lib today about sports.  The kids acted out their silly word stories for the group.  We all had a great laugh!  The kids also got to play a few rounds of heads up seven up.  Who knew such a simple game could be so fun!  We all had a great week, and are looking forward to water week next week.  As a reminder, please send your kids in cloths that can get wet, or send them with a change of cloths or a swim suit.  Have a great weekend!

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