It was a fun day, we had a few different events today for our Olympics. Wheel barrow races were first and all of the kids that participated worked their hearts our for the event! Then we had hockey, but not normal hockey. I had them use pool noodles as sticks and a ball as the puck. It was pretty funny to watch them attempt this! Then we had a non-traditional game of “keep the balloon off the floor.” Each team had 2 balloons to keep of the floor, but they had to stay in their designated squares. It was a great competition!


The winning team of the events will be announced today!

Don’t forget, we also have our picnic at 5:00 at Smithfield park unless it is too hot outside, then we will have it in the basement of the community building. I will provide the hamburgers and hotdogs, just bring a dish to pass, and your entire family!!


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