Greetings Summer Rec. Families!

Most families have experienced what Beth and I experienced today. We had planned out a big camping adventure for the kids and then we saw that the forecast called for rain all afternoon. We decided to make the best of our situation by bringing our tents inside. The kids loved to see the gym gradually get darker as we hung blankets over all the windows and as we brought out the projector. The big surprise came when Beth and I brought out our tents and let the kids set them up inside. We projected a movie onto the stage and the kids got to relax in the tents with blankets and sleeping bags. Over the Hedge was a hit and so were the homemade rice krispy treats (thanks parents for all your support with snacks!). At the end of the day after running out our energy the kids made indoor smores by blowing the marshmallows up in the microwave. All in all a rainy day wasn’t too gloomy, and indoor camping was almost as great as the real thing. 🙂

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