Today we started the Olympic games!! We made 4 teams. Each team has a range of skills and talents and we cannot wait to see what they are all going to do this week. Our 4 teams are The Golden Hamburgers, The Dirty Hogs, The Dirty Chipmunks, and last but not least The Blue Flying Saucers. Each team has a flag that we hung in the gym that they made today with their team colors.


We went to Legion park and started with the games, but of course before we could start we had to learn how to warm up with Gabby and how important it is to stretch and warm up before exercising. We had every one practice each event today so each team could determine who they wanted from each team to compete. Each child had to participate in at least one event to keep things fair. Each team had 2 people compete at each event. We had the 40 yard dash, long jump, and javelin throw (hockey stick). As of today the standing are that just barely The Golden Hamburgers are in the lead, but things change very easily!!!


Good luck to all the teams this week, we cannot wait to see what happens the rest of the week!!Photo Aug 03, 1 53 47 PM Photo Aug 03, 1 54 14 PM Photo Aug 03, 1 54 40 PMPhoto Aug 03, 1 54 14 PMPhoto Aug 03, 1 54 40 PM

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