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Today was such a fun day. (Extremely humid and hot though) To the start of safety/camping week we decided to look for things in nature because nature is such a big part of of camping. Gabby read us an awesome book about trees that we see in nature. All of the kids were so engaged in the book and we had some awesome discussions about trees. When we went to the park we split into partners and had to search for different things found in nature, for example, a spider web, something round, something soft, a large rock, something that smelled beautiful and many others. We felt it was important for the kids to appreciate nature for camping week.

We then started to play a game we have not played yet this year yet, capture the flag! The kids were so excited to play the game. After 2 rounds of the game, we were all really warm and decided to go back to the community building to cool down. We had a birthday girl today who brought a treat of fruit roll ups and we also drank lots of lemonade which felt great after the hot day outdoors. We had another kid have a birthday this past weekend who chose a few of the different tag games we played this afternoon.

We are tie-dying our summer rec t-shirts tomorrow along with another nature/camping activity planned, so make sure the kids wear comfortable clothes that might be okay to get a little bit dirty if they get the dye on them!!


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