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Today we had monkeys on the loose and letting all of the other animals out of their cages at the zoo!!! The zoo keepers go super mad and had to round up all the animals back to their cages. No, thankfully that is not true, we just played a game of animal tag. we had some “monkeys” “zoo keepers” and “animals” out of their cages. The zoo keepers had to go tag all of the animals while the monkeys kept walking around and untagging all of the animals, therefore letting them out of their cages. The kids had such a blast with this game that Gabby taught us that we played it many, many times today.

After animal tag, we went to the park and came up with more designs for our big bathroom project coming up in a couple of weeks. We also had a fun craft today. The kids were handed toothpicks and mini-marshmallows and were told to stick them together to make animals. We have such a creative group of kids. We had animals from “Star Wars,” zebras, snakes and many other imaginary ideas.

We have a couple more animal themed ideas coming up tomorrow and I cannot wait to see everyone there!!

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