Today, we had so much fun with our hobbies. We had many presenters today for show and tell. Here are a couple of things some kids presented….knitting, basketball, baseball, football, trinket collection, and stuffed animal collections. Wow! So many unique hobbies and interests from our kids!

We also did yoga with Gabby, we learned that one of her smaller hobbies is doing yoga  through the “get fit” program at the community building. That was a lot of fun. We learned some new muscle strengthening, stretching and relaxing exercises. We then did a zumba song with Beth! She loves dancing and having fun and has been to lots of zumba. The kids had a little trouble keeping up and staying coordinated for that one, but we still had fun!

For our craft today we made friendship bracelets. Some went with a simple pattern like a braid, and others did more complex patters depending on the skill level.


Tomorrow we have lots of fun activities planned. Make sure to be wearing clothing that we can get dirty and messy!!!!


Beth K.

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