Dear Parents,

Now that our 2014 Summer Youth Recreation session is now over, I would like you to please take this survey in regards to what you felt about this year’s program. Running this program now for two years has been quite a challenge, but my main goal is to make sure that your child(ren) is

  1. Having a blast
  2. Learning in a fun environment.

Filling out this survey will help me, and Brooklyn Recreation crew make improvements to the program in areas that are lacking and keep what is working in place. I would like COMPLETE HONESTY while filling this anonymous survey out.

A little bit of background on me:
First year running this was a bit of a challenge – but if you knew me, I LOVE a good challenge. It was also a learning curve to get in the “swing” of things with this program. Myself and another took the “leadership” of this program when another stepped down. Personally I wanted to be part of this program based on my previous job of designing (national) summer camp websites/marketing materials (it was a hoot!) and I had planned to bring some of the things I saw to this program as I get more used to running it.

I want you to know that I am dedicated in making this program the best I can make it (& better each year after) and maintain enthusiasm for the kids to look forward to it year after year. While the session may have ended, I’m already working on stuff for 2015’s session. Also, know that running this program is such fun experience for myself, meeting every child that comes through our program has been unique and its fun to see them get EXCITED over what is planned or just in general happy about the stuff they share with us.

If you ever need to share thoughts you can always reach me at if you think of something in the months ahead.

Brit Springer
Summer Youth Recreation Program Supervisor 
Brooklyn Recreation Member

Now click here for the survey if you have not already 😉

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